OTS Australia

Industry Commodities

Wine, Beer & Spirits

Wine, beer, and spirits require special handling when being shipped internationally, as they are especially vulnerable to spoilage due to incorrect packaging or transportation.

Our OTS Plus division provides thermo cargo blankets to seal, insulate and protect your cargo from temperature fluctuations, humidity, and water spills. In addition, we provide ambient controlled warehousing prior to transport distribution throughout Australia to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination in optimal condition.

Download our Guide to Importing Wine Download our Guide to Exporting Wine

Fashion & Shoes

OTS Australia’s staff has more than 25 years of combined experience in servicing the footwear, fashion and apparel industries, and our range of specially-tailored packaging solutions have made us first choice for many leading brands.
We also offer consolidated shipping containers, pick and pack, e-commerce fulfilment and Australia-wide distribution.

Classic Cars & Jet Ski’s

OTS Australia is proud to have partnered with CFR Rinkins, the global leader in overseas commercial transportation and shipping of vehicles. Whether it’s a classic car, a motorbike, a jet ski, or a trailer, we have you covered. CFR Rinkins transports more than 1500 vehicles of all shapes and sizes across the globe every month, and its revolutionary R-Rak stacking system ensures that every single one is loaded into its container in the safest, most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way possible.  OTS PLUS offer a quarantine and fumigation washer service for cars.

Furniture & Timber

Australia has some of the world’s strictest laws regarding the importation items made from materials such as wood that may carry contaminations. OTS has qualified customs clearance brokers and quarantine professionals to help ensure that your shipment navigates the customs process as smoothly as possible.
In order to avoid unnecessary costs or complications, we strongly recommend that clients make themselves fully aware of Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service and Australian Custom and Border Protection Service protocols. All goods being imported into Australia will be subject to AQIS inspection.

Heavy Machinery

OTS Australia offers expertise in the international shipping and freight forwarding of heavy machinery, and parts based on many years of experience in shipping this type of equipment all over the world.
We offer various transportation options including roll-on/roll-off freight containers, standard containers, and fixed-end or collapsible-end flat rack containers. Let us guide you toward the most cost-effective and efficient method for your shipment. OTS PLUS offer a quarantine and fumigation washer service for machinery.


OTS Australia’s compliance enables us to obtain export permits and other documents including health certificates and phytosanitary certificates. We currently handle commodities including UHT milk powder, kosher nutritional drink products, and other dairy-based drink products.
We offer a comprehensive international transport consulting service for UHT milk power to any destination and can provide temperature-controlled shipping containers. Warehousing with DAFF export accreditation and licensing to receive, pack and store dairy goods prior to exportation.