OTS Australia

Bonded Warehouse

Our state of the art bonded warehousing facility in Melbourne offers importers and local producers an efficient and cost-effective solution for storing imported or locally-produced products, with taxes and duties withheld until the cargo is dispatched for home consumption or export.
And by utilising our OTS Plus logistic freight service, our clients can enjoy a streamlined experience with a one-stop solution for warehousing as well as delivery to the final destination. Whether it’s by air, road, or rail, we’ll tailor a solution to fit your freight needs to ensure that your delivery gets to where it needs to be on time.
We fully comply with all Customs regulations and security protocols to ensure the safety of the cargo and that revenue due to the Commonwealth is protected.

Customs and Excise Bonded Warehousing

We provide Excise Storage Warehousing for EEGs (excise equivalent goods) such as imported alcohol, wine, and beers that would be subject to excise or duty if produced or manufactured in Australia. Our excise license gives our clients the option to store these items excise-free until the cargo is released.

77G and 79G Bonded Warehousing

OTS Plus’s 77G and 79G Bonded Warehousing facilities offer importers the flexibility to move goods away from the wharf or airport for short-term storage, unpacking or deconsolidation. Upon compliance with all legislative requirements, the goods can be released, moved to a 79G warehouse, or to a free store warehouse for further storage.

Bonded Warehousing for Wine and Alcohol

OTS Plus has extensive experience in wine and alcohol freight forwarding, and we work with many major manufacturers and exporters around the globe. With our bonded warehousing service and our intimate industry knowledge, you can let us handle your wine or alcohol shipment with complete confidence.