OTS Australia

Warehouse & Distribution

The O.T.S Warehousing Solutions.
OTS Plus offers practical, sustainable and cost-effective contract warehousing solutions. Trusting OTS Plus with the contract warehousing process allows you to concentrate on your core business, as well as increasing your return on assets, reduce costs, remove labour risks, and improve customer service.

Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, we are ready to help. We’re experts in providing comprehensive warehousing and distribution services and can offer support through every link in the supply chain. International freight transport, customs clearance, warehousing, pick and pack, bulk storage, or distribution, our experienced team can provide a solution tailored to your requirements that will remove all of the stress from getting your cargo to where it needs to be, safely and on time.

Our warehousing services include:

• Contract warehousing
• Bulk storage
• Pick and pack to all levels
• E-commerce product fulfilment
• 79G bonded warehousing
• 77G unpacking licence
• Loading and de-stuffing containers
• Cross-docking
• Labelling
• Product re-working
• Returns management
• Stocktaking
• Quality control
• Explosive Licence Permit No: 1402786 (Dangerous Cargo Licence)

Warehouse Management Systems
Our warehouse management system (WMS) lies at the heart of tracking and reporting on your shipment. Real-time data helps to direct and optimise stock put away strategies, while mobile computers and data capture technology help to monitor your shipment every step of the way.
With our real-time product tracking and the ability to create instant online reports, you can always feel confident that your goods are being handled exactly the way you want them to be. And with our ability to transfer data seamlessly to external transport providers, we can achieve maximum accuracy at a lower cost.